Staff Directory

Yessenia Alvarez, Prevention Specialist

Erin Appell, Clinic Case Manager

Ryan Ayala, Prevention Specialist

Nico Baker, Psychotherapist

Kenneth Barela, Director of Development

Ashley Bruehl, Insurance Coordinator

Caroline Eisenberg, Administrator

Melissa Eng, Pharmacy Manager

Cindy Firnhaber, Contracted Physician

John Goodhart, Manager of Client Services

Ken Greenberg, DO, Medical Director

Dakota Gundy, Clinic Case Manager

John Hammer, MD, Physician

Katherine Hardy, Patient Services Coordinator

Monica Johnson, Lead Pharmacy Technician

Sarah Lowenstein, Administrative Assistant/340B Specialist

Michael Morre, Pharmacy Technician

Quinn Paton, Prevention Supervisor

Veralyn Prillaman, Clinic Case Manager

Jean Rodriguez, Clinic Case Manager

Cinamon Romero, Clinic Case Manager

Karin Sabey, Vice President of Operations

Alison Schmidt-Tieszen, Clinic Case Manager

Julian Wakefield, Prevention Specialist

Barbara Widick, RN, Clinic Nurse

Evangeline Williams, Patient Services Representative

Myra Young, DNP, Nurse Practitioner