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At the Rocky Mountain CARES Medical Clinic, we believe in patient-centered health care. We are committed to helping you reach your health care goals by providing advanced medical care for HIV and other general health conditions. Our clinical care staff are experts in HIV, and will work with you to customize a treatment plan that works for YOU!


Anal cancer screening is very important for people living with HIV because they have a much higher risk of developing anal cancer than people without HIV. Anal cancer is caused by a very common virus, called the HPV virus. This virus is so common that most people get it sometime in their life. You don’t have to have anal sex to be at risk for anal cancer. Screening for anal cancer starts with a simple, painless test called an anal Pap. If needed, a special follow-up exam called a high-resolution anoscopy (HRA) will be done and precancerous changes can be easily treated in the clinic. Rocky Mountain CARES offers anal Pap testing, HRA, and treatment of precancerous changes. Talk to your health-care provider today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


For people living with HIV, access to quality health care is important. However, the health care system, insurance and other benefit programs are complex and hard to navigate. On top of this, housing, basic needs, substance use and mental health can take priority over your health. Having a systems expert on your team is a key part of having the best outcomes.

When you enroll in the Rocky Mountain CARES case management system a social work case manager will become your partner in planning the best way for all of your needs to be met Your case manager will work together with you, your health care providers and others involved in your care so that you have a complete approach to meeting your needs.

PrEP – Prevention for your life

PrEP is short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It is an HIV prevention tool for people who are at high risk for getting HIV. People using PrEP take a medication every day. PrEP should always be used with other risk reduction tools such as condoms.

PrEP might be right for you if:

• Your sex partner is HIV-positive.
• You have had a sexually transmitted infection in the last 12 months.
• You have multiple sexual partners.
• You are a man who has sex with other men (MSM).
• You are a transgender person, or have transgender sexual partners.
• You trade sex for money, drugs or to meet basic needs such as shelter or food.
• You are a woman who has sex with MSM
• You inject drugs that are not prescribed by a clinician.

Call or text us to learn more about PrEP at 720-338-8728


Individual and group therapy, and wellness programming are available to address behavioral health issues.


If you believe you may be at risk for HIV disease the most important action you can take is to get an HIV test. Knowing your HIV status – whether you are, or are not infected with HIV – empowers you to make decisions so you can live a long healthy life.

Rocky Mountain CARES provides free HIV testing by skilled professionals. It is an easy test to take and you will know your results in twenty minutes or less. You can also ask any questions you have about HIV or other sexually transmitted infections. To schedule an appointment for testing, please contact Rocky Mountain CARES today.

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