Our Mission and Values


Rocky Mountain Center for AIDS Research Education Services
 (CARES)’s mission is to provide centralized and comprehensive medical care management, pharmacy, support services , rich education and research resources to a diverse and inclusive Colorado community affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS. We deliver our services in an environment free of stigma and discrimination and present our clients with the tools to be their own advocate.


CARE, the basic tenet of what we do is in each of our values. 

QUALITY The best practiced and innovative avenues for the highest possible individual outcomes of care.

SERVICE The act of helping through diverse programs and opportunities for care.

INTEGRITY To honor the principal of acting in the best interest of the individuals for whom we provide care.

EMPATHY The ability to treat all who seek services with understanding of challenges, compassion for feeling and an individualized model of care.

TRUST To earn and promote confidence with the individuals we serve through open dialog and honest care.